The purpose of this project is to conduct external formative evaluation of a pilot project the Mothers Matter Centre (MMC) is carrying out in partnership with the Immigration Services Society of BC (ISS of BC), termed the Reviving Hope an Home for High Risk Refugee Mothers Program (referred to as RHH hereunder). Their goal is to test the feasibility of this social innovation to ensure the wellbeing, dignity, and social connections of high-risk vulnerable Government-Assisted Refugee (GAR) mothers. This initiative aims to provide diverse, integrated settlement supports to GAR mothers while adapting the existing HIPPY program.


The objectives of this external evaluation include:

  1. To conduct formative evaluation of the RHH program.
  2. To conduct formative evaluation of the MMC’s methods of impact evaluation/assessment/performance measure.
  3. To engage in ongoing iterative discussions with the MMC and ISS in order to discuss results of analyses in progress and to provide process feedback in order to enhance their program as well as evaluation scheme in parallel with this formative evaluation.

Project partners:

Mothers Matter Centre & Immigrant Services Society of BC.

Project funded by:

Mothers Matter Centre