Project descriptions: SFU Globe in Peace Project was initiated by Dr. Minami and emerged from his field pilot study in Rwanda. Dr. Minami developed the Action-Based Psychosocial Reconciliation Approach (ABPRA) and implemented it in Rwanda to foster peace between survivors and perpetrators of the 1994 Rwandan genocide, living in same villages.

Dr. Minami’s pilot project continued for 2 years in the villages, while the community witnessed the process. His ABPRA is now adopted as the village-wide reconciliation activity in the 2 pilot villages. Over the two years, Dr. Minami also conducted an exhaustive research learning and investigating scientifically about the process of psychosocial reconciliation from participants in the ABPRA. His research results revealed key elements, which led to the successful inter-personal reconciliation. His research unveiled critical factors that are essential in fostering peace between former enemies. Dr. Minami’s research provides scientific bases for the effectiveness of ABPRA as a psychosocial reconciliation intervention method. Dr. Minami’s pilot project showed an invaluable implication to war prevention and peacebuilding strategy: It is possible to rebuild meaningful relationships between former enemies if they are provided with the optimal environment, and the very growth of the relationship fosters peace and prevents future conflicts between them. Dr. Minami’s pilot project and the ABPRA give us hope that there is a way to prevent war and build peace. Globe in Peace Project builds on Dr. Minami’s pilot project and extends to build further scientific evidence to the ABPRA.